Sunday, 10 February 2013

Dream Home (reality aside)


Having a look around Pinterest and it seems I'm not the only one to have made a 'Dream House' board. It's also been quite a while since I've comfortably realised that:
I'm never going to be amazingly rich to make any of the features of my dream house an actual reality and 
It's highly unlikely that having anything like what's featured on MTV My Crib is going to happen. 

I also think perhaps because of the sort of folk at work who are all into buying properties and spend their weekends decorating and renovating, that home-making is often brought to my attention - despite the fact I neither own a property or have the rights or means to drastically change anything about it. That aside, that doesn't mean we can all have a good look.
Here are some my most coveted features (some ridiculous, some lightly more realistic):


I love everything about this: the dusty pink throw, the book nook, the floral feature-wall and the sky-light windows. It's cosy, yet fresh and airy. Image originally sourced from: The Berry, in a post called my dream bedrooms.

I'm in love with two completely contrasting seating areas here. The first being a 'boho-chic' and rustic style low seating area, perfect for reading, and the other being a master of all 'lazy-boys'. It slightly reminds me to the lined-up massage chairs that are freely available in airports in Asia, but certainly looks like the definition of comfort. This one looks perfect for a movie night with five friends.
Image: unsourced.

Image originally sourced from: 
Miss Design in a post called Alpine Dream House.

There are two necessities in my Dream House in the bathroom department. The first being a copiously spaced 'rain shower' and the other being a multi-functional plunge pool (with jacuzzi buttons). I love the amount of space in this shower and the ample place for cosmetics. There are even lower blast taps on the wall. The fact that this shower is void of any sort of door or curtain is probably what also makes it so appealing. 

Image: unsourced 


 originally via pinterest (links back to a lovely blog called Escapade). 

4. Pools/Water Features 
It's fair to say not many peoples' dream houses would be without some sort of pool or luxury area to take a dip. I'm not sure how practical either of these are, but when practically and reality no longer part of the deal,one can only imagine sauntering in and out of a purposely built bathing area.

The image on the right is a fantastic way to incorporate an indoor pool within the Mediterranean-style rustic walls (However, I'm not sure how to acoustics would fare.) Looking at the image on the left, I feel the most realistic option here is to save up and stay in some sort of honeymoon suite...

Image sourced from:  Dying of cute on Tumblr

I think it's suffice to say the most I can do at the moment is dream-on, and continue delving into Dream Homes: 100 Inspirational Interiors

Happy dream house-building!

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