Sunday, 10 March 2013

26 ways to prepare for a good night's sleep

A is fo

A routine. Sporadic bedtimes aren't as effective for getting a good night. Humans are creatures of habit...

B is for

Bubble bath.
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C is for

Cool the room. Just a little bit, not to zero degrees. I always sleep better if it's not boiling hot. 

D is for

Dressing  gown. Disclaimer: not necessarily exclusively for evenings. Sunday mornings is why.

E is for

Exhale. Hyperventilating at night is never a good thing.   

F is for

Feeling too full or feeling too empty. Neither of which are condusive to getting a comfortable night. 

G is to

Give thanks to the day. 

H is for

Herbal tea. Particularly the chamomile variety.  

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I is for

Ironing your clothes for the next day. 

J is for

Jotting down the things that are bothering you so you don't have to think about them, at least until the morning.

K is for

Keep wearing ear plugs if you have to block out noise.

L is for

Lavender. The colour (and smell) of calm and drifting into sleep.   

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M is for

Making a packed lunch for tomorrow, so you're ready to go. 

N is for

Nothing else matters. 

O is for

Organizing things as much as possible so that you don't go to bed with your head a whirlwind.  

P is for


Q is for

Quitting alcohol. It makes for a poor quality night's sleep.

R is for

Reading a good book [although perhaps not a riviting page turner that is going to be difficult to put down until 2am!]

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S is for

Set the alarm. 

T is for

Turn it off! Laptop, iPhone etc. The blare of the screen alone is enough to make one's brainwaves excited. 

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U is for

Under the covers, because there is no place cosier. 

V is for

'Vado a letto', or in English,  'I go to bed'. A good night's sleep is impossible if we don't let ourselves get enough hours.

W is for

Water. A fresh glass on the bedside table.

X is for

don't forget your goodnight kiss! 

Y is for

Yawning - it makes you feel tired! 

Z is for

Zero worries!

What are yours?

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