Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Wandering through Windsor

Having never been to Windsor and hearing so many positive reports, expectations were high. Windsor didn't fail to disappoint! 

Here's a list of 5 things to do in Windsor:

1. Castle
Since the castle overlooks and dominates the whole town, we thought we would do it justice by paying it a visit and going inside. The tickets were very much worth it, there's loads to see and you get a free audio guide headset (geeky). You have to go through security, like an airport! 

On the way out, you have the option to stamp your ticket to automatically convert it into an annual pass - might as well!

2. Eat
What better way to exit the castle than to wander around and wind up in an age old pub for a massive roast? We stumbled upon this pub - The Drury House - is a quirky, old narrow pub, set over three floors and the meals are delivered from the kitchen on an old pulley system. The apple crumble is spot.on.

3. A 'Long Walk'
We followed the signs to the 'long walk' but actually ended up at the top of the route. Ideally, the long walk is...well, a long walk, if you hadn't guessed. It has a view of the castle gradually coming into perspective (provided you start at the beginning spot). We weren't able to get up close to the castle from here, as the gates were closed which was our main reason for going inside.

4.Coffee break!
Specifically a vanilla latte pit stop! It was refreshing to see (or rather not see) the lack of chain coffee shops along the main shopping strip - Peascod Street, athought I'm sure these do exist and are dotted throughout the town. 

5. Shop
Windsor seems to have a good mix of touristy shops, usual high street shopping and Windsor-esque boutiques. 

I'd definitely go back!


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