Sunday, 30 June 2013

3 very easy, yummy things to eat

I wish I had more time, energy and motivation to cook up a storm in the kitchen more often. I love the finished aspect of an amzing dish, but since I'm not a patient person, things often go wrong and it can become a very stressful mess in the kitchen. 

These are my versions of very easy dishes that require minimum effort and produce maximum taste!

1. Turkey salad

Prep required: very little!
How to: Fry some chopped turkey breast pieces in olive oil. Prep a salad [I dress mine with olive oil, vinegar and a dash of soy sauce], add the cooked turkey pieces, and mix!

2. Gnocchi dish
This I've mentioned before, and it's my absolute favourite. 

Prep required: just a little bit!
How to: Boil some gnocchi until soft (about 3 minutes), then drain. Boil some spinach - I usually empty a packet into a collinder and pour boiling water over it - that does the trick. Layer the gnocchi, and spinach with chopped baby tomatoes and and some mozzarella, and sprinkle with salt and pepper.

Whack into the oven until cheese is golden brown.

This dish also works well with tortellini instead of gnocchi:

3. A little bit of everything

This is, quite simply,  a few tasty bits thrown together on a plate.

Prep required: minimal!
How to: Hard boil some eggs and peel them. Boil some asparagus and spinach. Chop up some baby tomatoes. Pile all this over some tabbouleh mix (pre-bought from Marks and Spensers...)  Add a bit (or a large chunck) of mozarella. Sprinkle with mixed herbs/pepper.

Bon Apetit! 

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