Wednesday, 26 June 2013

5 things that happened today || a.k.a.Mundane Midweek 'tag'!

I've been enjoying doing these mundane midweek posts created by Charlotte @ Charlotte's Web. [There's now a whole page dedicated Mundane Midweek posts!]

Here's 5 totally mundane things that happened today, but are what made today what it was! 

I had a white chocolate and orange zest muffin for breakfast. 
I taught myself how to make an origami paper dog.

Because of number 2, I have now finally found a good use for my copy of Fifty Shades of Grey. It's so wrong, but tearing up book pages for origami paper feels so great, and it's one good use of such a terrible book... 
Also book related, I was supposed to go to Book Club today, but didn't go. I'd only read half the book, so in other words, I'd only done half my homework and decided to bunk off (and make origami dog cards).
The internet is back! It's been down in my building for a week and today when I got home from work it was back. I did a little 'the internet is back' song and dance (literally).

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