Tuesday, 16 July 2013

3 refreshing summer drinks ideas

Yesterday I went for a pub lunch and tried a drink from their 'Summer drinks menu'. Having already posted about cucumber water, I felt it was time to be a little bit more inventive and try some other flavours.

1. Strawberry and black pepper lemonade
How to: 

Mix up the following:
2-3 chopped strawberries
A sprinkling of ground black pepper (not the dusty kind, the grainy kind)
Any old lemondade

2. Iced green tea 
How to:
Add two tea bags to a large jug. 
Add boiling water and let it cool.
Leave in the fridge overnight.  

Optional: add a spoonful of sugar, a slice of lemon and some ice cubes. 

3. Raspberry Crush

The last couple of times I've been to TGI Fridays, I've ordered the addictive Raspberry Crush (highly recommended). 

According to their menu, this has:

Fresh raspberries
Cranberry juice
Orange sherbert
Crushed ice

How to:
Here's how I make it with one whizz of a blender. 

Chuck in: 

A handful of raspberries
3/4 glass of cranberry juice
A scoop of lemon sorbet 

Whiz for one second. 


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  1. Black pepper?! You crazy maniac! I love the sound of cold green tea, I'll have to give it a go xxx

  2. haha yeah maniac!! Yeah enjoy the green tea! It's very healthy! xxx